Corporate Training Services

You can select from onsite (lecturer provided onsite), training using a televised meeting system, or an online training program (online course). As for the content of these seminars, we provide a program that meet your business needs.

Especially when it comes to legal training, we offer in-depth programs ideal for corporate overseas sales departments, corporate legal personnel, newly hired legal personnel, and those working in corporate research and development.

Training Key Points

1. A specialized professional translator with a wealth of experience in training is assigned in order to provide easy-to-understand lectures.
2. We use learning materials offered by Babel University Professional School of Translation (BUPST).
3. We conduct a hearing with the person in charge of training to determine the details of training.
4. You can choose an onsite (lecturer provided onsite) or online program.
5. For online training, class attendance can start with just one person.
6. We provide a certificate of completion following training.
7. You can also choose the option of using ZOOM (televised meeting system) if you selected an online program.

Service Guide

Onsite Training Program
• Conduct training at your specified training site
• For online training using the televised meeting system ZOOM, you can conduct training with as little as one participant (one-on-one training)

<Program Examples>
1. Legal communication training
1) English contract reading comprehension 2) Legal translation 3) Legal drafting 4) Contract Summarization 5) Anglo-American law
2. Technical communication training
1) Plain technical English 2) Technical Japanese writing
3. Business communication training
1) Plain business English 2) Interpreting method for English training
4. Certification prep training (CAP, TOEIC, etc).

Online Training Program (Babel Correspondence Course (16 lectures total)
Take Babel’s legal correspondence course to learn professional business English that will help you in the business field.

1. Reading English contracts
2. Legal translation grammar (basic course that familiarizes you with legal writing by using short excerpts)
3. Drafting course (contracts)
4. Drafting course (minutes)

Service Guide

For questions, estimates, or to apply for the online training program, please fill out and submit the following onsite business training application:
>> Onsite business training application

For details or to apply for the online training program, please fill out and submit the following form:
>> Online training program details/ application