IR Documents Translation Center

What we Translate

◇ Financial statements, financial reviews, business reports (Japanese to English and English to Japanese.)
Financial statements, notes on financial statements, financial reviews (summary included), securities reports, business reports, annual reports, etc.

◇ Notices of convocation of general meeting of shareholders, notices of resolution of general meeting of shareholders (Japanese to English)
Notices of convocation of general meeting of shareholders (agendas, attached documents, reference documents for general meeting of shareholders), shareholders meeting resolution notices, etc.

◇ Articles of incorporation, certificates of all registered matters, prospectuses, fund reports (Japanese to English and English to Japanese)
Documents related to company establishment and registration (articles of incorporation, registries), fund related documents (prospectuses, fund reports), etc.

IR Translation Experts

Continued service from a dedicated translation team whose translation is consistent with past work.
Accurate and error-free translation through extensive proofreading and research.

We meet these needs by providing translation work performed by certified financial translating staff with 10 or more years of experience and who have earned graduate degrees in IR translation.

Translation Samples

Below are samples of actual translation work performed by TMC. These samples are from actual translation work and were not produced only as samples. These are samples of typical work you can expect from us (names and other confidential information have been omitted).

Japanese to English Translation Samples
Financial report (Japanese/ English parallel translation)
Notices of convocation of general meeting of shareholders
Balance sheet and all history items certificate