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What we Translate

◇ Contracts, prospectuses, litigation documents, and legal articles
Contracts: sales contracts, outsourcing contracts, supplier contracts, lease contracts, trust contracts, real estate securitization related contracts such as trust beneficiary rights trading, license contracts, loan contracts, partnership contracts, joint development contracts, joint venture contracts, etc.
Prospectuses and litigation documents: complaints, briefs, preliminary documents, judicial precedents, etc.
Legal articles: domestic, overseas, etc.

◇ Registration-related documents, corporate regulations, due diligence documents.
Registration-related documents: articles of incorporation, copy of register, etc.
Corporate regulations: employment rules, salary / bonus rules, retirement payment rules, personnel evaluation rules, loan / transfer rules, travel expense regulations, childcare and nursing care leave regulations, budget management regulations, corporate seal handling regulations, stock handling regulations, duties separation rules, stock option rules, etc.
Documents related to due diligence.

◇ Corporate governance-related documents.
Corporate governance-related documents: corporate governance reports, takeover defense measures, committee regulations, board rules, internal audit regulations, etc.


Legal and Business Translation Experts.

Accurate, error-free legal translation backed by expertise in the field.
Easy to read, articulate legal documents that leave no room for misinterpretation.

We meet these needs by providing translation work performed by registered translating staff with graduate degrees in legal translation and who are certified as legal translation professionals. In addition, we revise and proofread all translated material and provide legal reviewing as necessary.

Translation Samples

 Below are samples of actual translation work performed by TMC. These samples are from actual translation work and were not produced only as samples. These are samples of typical work you can expect from us (names and other confidential information have been omitted).

Translation Samples (Japanese to English)
Nondisclosure agreement
Promissory note
Nursing care leave regulations

Translation Samples (English to Japanese)
Real estate trust deed