Patent Translation Center

Documents We Translate

We also translate presentation data, centering on patent specifications, official gazettes, intermediate processing documents (notification of reasons for refusal, office action, written responses) and letters to local agents.

Other documents we translate include: priority certificates, patent certificates, technical documents, patent books, trademark books, patent certificates, trademark registration certificates, copy and legal documents (contracts, certified copies), trial documents (complaints, briefs, and discovery documents), trial documents, and other intellectual property related documents.

About Our Services

・In addition to collaborating with patent attorney offices and our translation services, we proxy services for patent application procedures to foreign countries.
Partner Patent Office: Okuda International Patent Office
・Registered patent translators are graduates of Babel University Professional School of Translation’s patent translation department, and have been certified by Japan Translation Association in patent translation.
・Our revision and proofreading system is led by one of the leading translators in the patent translation industry, Momoko Okuda (Babel University Professional School of Translation (BUPST) professor, translator, and patent attorney).

In addition,
・ BUPST’s translation research department conducts research on simplifying patent documents and productivity improvement using MT and TM for patent documents.
・ Besides Japanese and English, we can support multiple languages including Chinese and German.
・We will begin offering seminars for “Intellectual Property Management Skills Test” starting in 2020 (with Okuda International Patent Office).

Please feel free to contact BTC by selecting the “Inquiries and Estimates” option on Website menu. We will contact you with a fee estimate and date for translation delivery.