Publishing & Editing Translation Center

What we Translate and Edit

◇ Fiction
Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, young adult, children’s books, picture books, etc.

◇ Nonfiction
Business and self-development, biographies, comics, current affairs, travel, movie and art critiques, how-to manuals for hobbies, encyclopedias, etc.

◇ Academic and technical books
*Humanities and social science:
Philosophy, linguistics, political science, legal studies, psychology, environmental studies, women’s studies, energy issues, education, welfare, international relations, etc.

*Natural science:
Biology, environmental studies, medicine, life science, agriculture, physiology, disaster prevention, etc.

Publishing and Editing Translation Experts

 Translation that preserves the spirit and sense of the original text.
 Articulate writing that is easy to read and leaves no room for misunderstanding.
 Academic and technical books
Precise and error-free writing backed by expertise.

 We meet these needs by providing translation work performed by registered translating staff with graduate degrees in literary translation and who are certified as book translation professionals for their field of expertise. In addition, we provide expert reviewing as necessary for academic and technical books.

Languages Offered

* English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian (all into Japanese)
* From Japanese to: English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc.

Synopsis Examples
Below are samples of actual synopses performed by TMC. These samples are from actual translation work and were not produced only as samples. Translation work is typically delivered within three weeks after an order is placed.

Japanese to English translation sample

English to Japanese fiction sample

English to Japanese nonfiction sample