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Transmedia Center (TMC) is a translation service provider relying on professional translators who are successful graduates from Babel University Professional School of Translation (BUPST) and are...

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1974Babel K.K. has been operating for 44 years
198434 years of translation and interpretation service
1994Babel Corporation based in San Francisco, California has been operating for 22 years
2000Babel University Professional School of Translation has been operating for 18 years

We’re confident of our translation quality.

That’s because of the following six strengths.


We provide certified translation project managers to oversee the translation process. Management of the translation process consists of source document analysis, confirmation of specifications, verifying the need for support tools, and following the process stipulated by ISO17100 that is listed below. We also review translations as needed without going over your budget.


We are here to help you with multilingual management while incorporating the latest in information technology, and are committed to protecting confidentiality, monitoring quality, and delivering work on time.


Our translation teams are focused around translators with a MS in translation who are certified in their respective field of translation. Our project managers also have a MS in translation and advanced certification as translation project managers.


Our professional network of independent translators expands over 24 different countries.


Babel Group affiliates tap into over 30 years of experience in the translation industry as we tirelessly seek new innovation.


We’re here to help you create corporate governance related and other bilingual documents integral to bilingual management.



East Asia Newsletter Digest

―Newsletter for those concerned with East Asian business― (Published every Friday/ 4 issues total) Author: Takaaki Maeda (international finance journalist)

  • China’s Hong Kong Supreme Court overturned the sentence determined in its second trial and agreed to a suspended sentence determined in the first trial in response to the demonstration in 2014 calling for democracy in Hong Kong, known as the Umbrella Movement. However, the media reports that this does not create a welcoming mood for the defendant, and once again stated this type of behavior will be punished with greater severity in the future. In addition, the Hong Kong government also stated that it will prevent democratic activists from campaigning in elections and warns that China and Hong Kong have fallen into the vicious cycle of opposition and repression, which is a threat to Hong Kong’s stability.

    In Taiwan, a new governor has been appointed to Taiwan’s central bank. Central bank governor Perng Fai-nan retired in February, and on February 24 deputy governor Yang Chin-long was appointed as central bank governor. Yang Chin-long was chosen by economists as the most promising candidate, and since working with the central bank beginning in 1989 has served in various positions within the bank, being appointed at deputy governor in 2008. It is expected that Yang Chin-long will follow the same course laid out by former central bank governor Perng Fai-nan, who holds the world record for term length as a central bank governor.

    - February 16, 2018

Alumni Newsletter

This newsletter, sent by Babel University Professional School of Translation (BUPST), is for its students and alumni.

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